"The Li'l Shopper Cart Cushion is an absolute
lifesaver for my son.  The metal shopping cart
seats are brutal on little backs and legs!  I
retired my old floppy cloth seat cover when I
realized it did absolutely nothing for support
and comfort for him.  Thanks again for a
wonderful product. It has become a must have
item that has me asking, "How did I live without
this?"  I know everyone will agree once they try
it. That's why I just ordered 7...one for each of
my friend's babies!"

Isabel      Austin, TX

"My daughter loves the Li'l
Shopper Cart Cushion! When I
use the cushion my
daughter's legs do not just hang
and there are no lines on her legs
either. I love how the back is
higher than most cart backs and
she has somewhere to rest her
head. This is also an amazing
product for high chairs when you
go out to eat! We love the Li'l
Shopper cart cushion and don't
leave home without it!"

Stephanie     Reading, PA
"I have been using the Li'l Shopper for
more than six months and find it to be the
most helpful product in my shopping
experiences.  I no longer have to worry
that my daughter is slouching in the cart
seat or that she is uncomfortable in any
way.  I can tell that she feels secure and
no longer cries when shopping.  The Li'l
Shopper fits so compactly right behind
my driver's seat in the pocket.  I never
have to worry about bringing it with me
because I can just leave it in the car. My
daughter has special needs and this
product was the answer I was looking for
to meet her needs.  Thank you so much.  
We recommend this seat to all of our

Kimberly     Kittanning, PA

" I just wanted to send you a quick
message to let you know how much we
love the Li'l Shopper. It has extended
our shopping time by double.  By
making our child comfortable in the
shopping cart, it has made him more
apt to sit longer.  The longer he sits,
the more we get done.  Shopping used
to be stressful as we had to try and run
around and get what we needed
before our son started screaming, but
now he makes it through the whole trip
comfortable and content.  Thank you
very much for this product!  Anyone
who is thinking about getting one
shouldn't give it a second thought."

Shawn     Fleetwood, PA
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"My daughter absolutely LOVED the seat!!!  Took it to Isaac’s physical therapy session
along with the info you sent.  His therapist, Shannon, was so impressed and  will be
ordering several.  Sara, my daughter, used it while grocery shopping and was so
pleased with the support if offered. The seat enables Isaac to sit in the buggy just like
any other child.  I can’ t thank you enough,  the seat is wonderful.  I hope you will
consider  making a bigger version (higher back) so when Isaac outgrows this one that
option will be available. Thanks again! "

Sherry   Clermont, GA

"I came across the Li'l Shopper while searching for a product that
would better protect my daughter.  She is 11 months old, able to sit
steady enough in the carts.  I never really gave much thought to the
cart seats until we were rolling through the supermarket and I
stopped the cart abruptly to avoid another cart.  This caused her to
bang her back into the metal bars of the seat back. Her tears and the
resulting red mark on her back had me taking a good look at what we
sit our kids in on a regular basis.  Now I feel she has a comfy, safe
little seat to sit in when we have to do our shopping.  I just leave it in
the car when I'm not using it and it is a snap to pop in a shopping cart
seat. This has become my new favorite baby shower gift!"

Katie    Portland, ME

"I am really pleased with our Li'l Shopper. My son is in the 1st
percentile for his weight and the cushioned seat has made sitting
for longer periods of time bearable for him. Less squirming means
I am not so distracted while I shop and forget less. My son doesn't
immediately ask to be taken out of the cart anymore and both of
my children get excited when I put the seat in the car, they know
that they're going shopping.  I have also used it in restaurant style
wooden high chairs for my baby daughter. At one meal she had a
bowl of strawberries and blueberries and there were stains all
over the Li'l Shopper. With soap and water and a sponge, it was
good as new. I don't know many covers that are that simple to
care for."

Andrea    Roseburg, OR

"We have been using our Li'l Shopper Shopping Cart Cushion with our son and love it!  
Initially it helped him build his core muscles and now not only is he more comfortable it
extends our shopping trips. We take it everywhere we go, shopping, restaurants, and
even to baseball games! I absolutely love the Li'l Shopper! We just bought a second
one so we have one in both our cars...this is an amazing product and I would
recommend it to everyone!

Jessica    Westfield, NJ

"I received the Li'l Shopper Shopping Cart
Cushion as a baby shower gift and what an
amazing product! We started using it with our
son over the summer.  Before I started using it
his legs would get so red from the shopping
cart. Then we started using the Li'l Shopper
which made such a difference! Not only are his
legs more comfortable his back is too. We
even use it when we go out to dinner. It makes
booster seats at reataurants more comfortable
and he squirms less (which means a more
enjoyable meal for me)! This truly is a unique
product and I recommend it to everyone!

Marie  Mahwah, NJ