• We completely stop the feel of the harsh grills.
  • We completely cushion against the sharp plastic
    pinch points and hinges.
  • Only our cushion extends out to support the legs.
    Without support, the child's weight is usually not  
    positioned  correctly in the top-heavy carts.
  • Our patented support helps encourage proper
    posture in the cart seats.
  • Easy Care! Surface clean with dampened cloth.
    Use mild soap if needed. Wipe entire surface of
    cushion to ensure even drying without water
    marks. Line dry.

Patented leg extensions address the most painful aspect of
the shopping cart seats, wooden highchairs and many other
public kids seats.  Short seat depth forces the weight of the
leg to be uncomfortably concentrated on a small area (the
point where the seat ends). Children are forced to
or lean forward to adjust the pressure cutting into
the back of their thighs.
 Imagine sitting on a tall stool with
no leg support and no where to rest your feet. Your
dangling legs would get uncomfortable fast!
Twisting Sideways...
To relieve pressure...
On back of thighs
Benefits and Solutions
Any child twisting sideways or scooting forward is uncomfortable & possibly in pain.
Shopping cart cloth covers are not the same. Without leg support and dense foam cushioning,
little bodies still feel the rough seats through the fabric and try to adjust their weight to
relieve discomfort.
Twisting Sideways...
Or leaning forward...
To ease the pressure
The Li'l Shopper cushion takes your child's
comfort and safety to a new level.
This ?
...Or this !!
This ?
This ?
...Or this !!
...Or this !!
This ?
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Finally! Relief for little backs, legs and bottoms!
Your little one will feel the
...Or this !!