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About Precious Ideas

Choosing what products to buy for your child can seem like an overwhelming decision. There are so many
options. For all of us, the well
-being of our children is always the focal point. As a parent, we have all experienced
the meltdown of a child wanting out of a shopping cart or restaurant highchair. In most cases (my own experiences
being my inspiration) the simple truth is they are uncomfortable or even in pain from the poor design of many
public children seats. Short seat depth and harsh metal / plastic grills equal an unhappy shopping experience.
However, the necessity and convenience of using these seats continues.

From an orthopedic standpoint, the short seat depth with no leg support creates
unhealthy pressure on little
legs, forcing them to twist sideways or scoot forward for relief. With nothing else on the market that offered any
kind of leg support, a one of a kind mom invented product was created. The Li’l Shopper is both practical and
user friendly.  Our ergonomically designed seat cushions (for children 6 months to 3+ yrs) can easily be added to
a variety of children seats providing increased comfort and postural support. This simple, portable
seating/positioning aid increases body awareness and enables children to sit longer and more securely in
shopping carts and some highchairs.

We are especially proud of the fact that this product is being endorsed by a growing number of
Occupational Therapists as a portable, inexpensive support/positioning aid, helping to encourage
proper posture for any child. It has enabled some children with special needs such as low muscle
tone to use the shopping carts and highchairs or sit longer and more securely in a
variety of seats during therapy sessions.

A simple practical solution to relieve the discomfort our children face when sitting in harsh uncomfortable seats.
Lightweight and washable, our one-piece design requires no installation. It slips into place and uses existing cart
belts to secure your child. The universal design fits all carts. Encouraging a lifetime of better posture, the
Li'l Shopper Portable Seat Cushion is a must have addition to any baby gift registry!
Comfort for your little ones!
Maggie Latshaw, Founder