Hi Maggie,
First, I would like to thank you for the cushion. My daughter has cerebral palsy and is
unable to sit without support. Shopping has been a nightmare, so thank you for this solution.
1.  We use it for shopping carts & highchairs.
2.  It adds support to shopping carts & highchairs. It also makes it more comfortable.
3.  It's lightweight & easy to carry. The cushion is firm but comfortable. It's cute!
4.  I would highly recommend it. (I actually know a physical therapist that is interested in trying it.)
5.  My daughter requires a great deal of support so we use a strap that goes around her upper
body & velcros around the back of the cushion. She also wears a neck collar
because she lacks head control; we do wish the cushion came up
a little higher in the back, but overall this has been a good product for us.
Thank you,

Hi Maggie,
Okay we are getting settled in Atlanta and have had a chance to use the seat cushion.  
It is adorable by the way!  Our son John, who has special needs,  just turned three.
He is small for his age and  has low tone and poor head control/trunk strength.  
Therefore, it didn't really work for him in a restaurant high chair.  
He needs head support...  BUT, it worked GREAT in his umbrella stroller.
We put it in there and it definitely gave him extra back support so he was able to sit up
straighter.  We also use it with my 9 month old in both a grocery cart and restaurant
high chair and it was wonderful for those uses too!  
Thanks so much!!
Mary Elizabeth

Therapist Evaluations:

1.  In what setting (home, school, clinic, other) and activities was it used?

I have used the Li'l Shopper for both professional and personal uses.  Personally, I use it for my 21 mo old daughter.  
My daughter uses her Li'l Shopper when she's riding in a shopping cart and in a high chair at restaurants.  
Professionally, I have used it in preschool and kindergarten classes for proper positioning during table top activities.  
Furthermore, I've tucked it into a highchair of a child with downs syndrome to help her with her posture.
- Jeannine  MOTR/L

It was used in a home setting for children aged 2-3. I used it in a bucket seat. - Danielle  OTR/L

2.  What therapeutic application did you use this product for?  How did it address the problem?

I use the Li'l Shopper for kids with muscle tone that is at the low end of normal. These kids have a slouched posture in
typical school (pre-school/kindergarden size) chairs. Once I started using the Li'l Shopper Cushion,  I immediately
noticed better posture. My kids now have 90-90-90 posture, and they are sitting longer and sitting more still for
table top activities. I have also had a kindergarten teacher use it to give a child on the smaller side a little boost so they
can be positioned properly for table top activities. The density of the foam also helps to give children a better sense of
body awareness.  One child I treated would always fall out of his chair because of body awareness issues, this stopped
when we started using the Li'l Shopper. -  Jeannine  MOTR/L

I used this with a child that needed a lot of input to maintain attention while seated. The child did.
- Danielle OTR/L

3. Which features(s) of the product was attractive to you as a therapeutic tool? (high back, flexibility, leg
extensions, foam density, price, other)

Everything- I think it is a great price for a positioning aid.  The seat cushion is small, and lightweight.  It folds up easily
and can fit in a schoolbag to go back and forth from home to school. It can be used for shopping carts, high chairs and
in seats of young children.  The foam is comfortable, but dense, so it gives the user a good sense of where their legs
and bottom are.  The leg extensions help a child maintain that 90-90-90 position
- Jeannine   MOTR/L

All of these features. Although, one child seemed to get distracted by the leg extensions. - Danielle  OTR/L

4.  As an inexpensive positioning aid, would you recommend this product to your clients?

Yes, I've recommended it to many preschool and kindergarten classes as well as individual families.
- Jeannine  MOTR/L

I would definitely recommend this posture aid. - Danielle  OTR/L

5. Would it be useful to have on hand in schools/clinics or do you feel it is primarily an aid for home
use/personal travel? (ex: shopping carts, strollers and highchairs).

I think this is great in schools for young children with low muscle tone or body awareness issues.
-Jeannine   MOTR/L

I feel it can be used in both settings.  Definitely beneficial for use in shopping carts, strollers or in a bucket seat.
- Danielle OTR/L

6.  Any additional comments or overall impressions?

I think the Lil' shopper is a great piece of equipment to assist with seated posture.  It is great for children with muscle
tone that is at the low end of normal.
- Jeannine  MOTR/L

I think it was a good product that definitely helped organize and calm the few children that I used it with.  I think the
material gave great input to the body and the size was appropriate for the age group I was working with.
- Danielle  OTR/L
Hi,  I absolutely LOVE your seat cushion.  I tried it with one boy who has lower muscle tone.  When I put
it in his seat for school, he not only sat straighter, which helps improve his fine motor control, but he sat
for a long time for him (about 5 minutes). We only ended the activity because it was snack time.  His
teacher was so impressed she wanted me to show the director of the school so they can order one for
him and a few for the school.  I then tried it with another boy with low muscle tone, he is 2.5 years old
and just started walking. He sat so straight in his high chair that I left it with him for the week so his mom
could try it out at home.  Mom is also an OT and since she likes it, she is having the schools she works
in order some as well.  You really have a great product. The American Occupational Therapy
Association will put their seal on certain products.  It's definitely worth looking into!
Jeannine     MOTR/L

Precious Ideas is especially proud of the fact that this cushion is being endorsed by a growing number of
Occupational Therapists and parents as a portable, inexpensive support/positioning aid, helping to encourage
proper posture and support for any child. We are inspired by the joy of knowing we have helped ease one

small part in the lives of families with far greater daily challenges. We wanted to share with you some of the
feedback (as a special needs product) we have been receiving regarding it's use.  Although the original
application was for shopping carts, it is being used in highchairs, preschool seats and more.
We are proud of this product and the simple, common sense relief and postural support it provides
to little bodies (with or without special needs).  As you can see, it is a product that can be
used by multiple little ones in the family, making this an extremely cost efficient baby gear option.  
Encouraging a lifetime of better posture, the Li'l Shopper Portable Seat Cushion
is a must have addition to any baby gift registry!
Maggie Latshaw,    Founder
Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.
Therapists interested in trying a free sample with a client, please contact us for
more information.
Precious Ideas for your little ones!
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My daughter absolutely LOVED the seat!!!  Took it to Isaac’s physical therapy session along with the
info you sent.  His therapist, Shannon, was so impressed and  will be ordering several.  Sara, my
daughter, used it while grocery shopping and was so pleased with the support if offered. The seat
enables Isaac to sit in the buggy just like any other child.  I can’ t thank you enough,  the seat is
wonderful.  I hope you will consider  making a bigger version (higher back) so when Isaac outgrows
this one that option will be available. Thanks again!