Shopping Cart Seat Cushion   
                                Portable Seating and Positioning Cushion

A simple, portable, ULTRA COMFORTABLE way to protect little legs,
backs and bottoms from painful and shallow seats.  EASY TO USE and  
MORE SAFELY positions and supports your child.

  • Simple one piece seating and positioning cushion
    requires no installation.
  • Slips easily into place with one hand.
  • Uses existing cart belts to secure your child.
  • Universal design fits all carts.
  • Can be used in wooden restaurant highchairs.
  • Lightweight and washable.
  • Water resistant EVA foam.
  • BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.
  • Ages 6 months to 3+ years.

Uncomfortable and painful
cart seats are the main
reason children try to climb
out, which leads to injury.

The grills and plastic pinch
points along with short
seat depth hurt little legs,
backs and bottoms.

A comfortable child is less
likely to try and wiggle out
of the seats.

Our soft ergonomically
designed seat cushions can
easily be added to a variety of
children's seats, providing
increased comfort and postural
support. The leg extensions
and thick foam cushioning
relieve the discomfort children
endure sitting in painful and
unsupportive seats
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